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No glue

In keeping with our commitment for our carpet tiles to have as little impact on the environment as possible, we have developed a sustainable and highly effective installation system called TacTiles™ without the need for any glue. TacTiles™ are small, clear plastic adhesive squares that are placed under the corners of carpet tiles to fix them firmly to each other. One TacTile™ connects the corners of four tiles or the edges of two tiles at the outer edge. TacTiles™ make it easy to install Heuga carpet tiles without have to use any glue. This reduces floor installation time when compared to using glue, as there is no waiting period required for drying. The subfloor also remains free of adhesives so that the tiles can easily be moved or replaced after installation.

Heuga carpet tiles are quick, clean and easy to install.

Practical and easy

Unlike adhesives TacTiles™ do not require drying time, so when the last tile is installed, your floor is ready for use. TacTiles™ are easy to remove, allowing individual carpet tiles to be removed or replaced quickly and easily. If you want to change the design, or if a tile has been damaged or soiled, you no longer need to replace the entire floor. Simply remove the required tile, stick on a new TacTile&trade to the backing and attach the new tile.


TacTiles™ make it easier to reuse carpet tiles in a different location and they facilitate recycling at the end of their lifespan as there are no adhesive remnants stuck on the backing of the carpet. TacTiles™ are made from PET, the same material used to make plastic bottles, so they are completely recyclable in the same manner

More information about TacTiles™

  • Each TacTile™ is 75 mm x 75 mm in size, with a coloured imprint
  • Made from PET (the same material used to make plastic bottles)
  • Designed for carpet tiles with GlasBac® and Graphlex® backings.
  • Available in sheets of 6 TacTiles™.
  • You only need 4-5 TacTiles™ per m².
  • Suitable for all Heuga carpet tiles and installation methods
  • Suitable for rugs and carpet tiles when installed wall-to-wall.